máy cắt ray

For fast and economical cutting of maximum strength rails

  • Short cutting times, e.g. 1 min. possible for rail profile 49E1
  • The cutter can be clamped in such a way that sparks consistently fly downwards and cutting discs are used in an optimum manner.
  • Cutting also possible using articulated arm
  • Sturdy, light-weight aluminium guide frame with articulated arm
  • Quick clamping device for S49 (49E1), S54 (54E3, UIC60 (60E1) and RI60 (60 R1). Other rail profiles available upon request.
  • With kerf indicator for precise determination of the cutting point.
  • The cutting method from above and at an angle downwards leads to direct weight relief for the operator.
  • Easy starting of the motors with Smart-Start decompression equipment.
  • Optimum filter effect due to air injection technology, fine filter and impregnated pre-filter
  • Centrifugal clutch as integrated safety feature
  • Spark protection for cutting discs – pre-tensioned and continuosly adjustable
  • Adapter for cutting discs with 1 inch hole
  • Accessibility – V-belt tension without disassembly of casing
  • Electronic ignition, sealed against dust and humidity
Technical specifications
Drive air-cooled 2-stroke petrol engine air-cooled 2-stroke petrol engine
Type Husqvarna 3122 K Husqvarna K1260 Rail
Power 5,8 kW at 9750 rpm 5,8 kW at 9500 rpm
cutting disc diameter 350 mm 400 mm
max. cutting disc speed 5400 rpm 4700 rpm
max. perm. circumferential speed 100 m/s 100 m/s
Cutting rate about ~1 min/cut ~1min/cut
49E1 to zu 8 cuts/disc to zu 10 cuts/disc
60E1 to zu 6 cuts/disc to zu 8 cuts/disc
Guide frame ~8 kg ~5,5 kg
engine cutter ~17 kg ~15,6 kg
Cutting disc ~0,8 kg ~1,3 kg
Total weight ~25,8 kg ~22,4 kg
(L x W x H)
800 x 400 x 400 mm 900 x 250 x 480 mm
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